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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hopelessy Lost Our Way

Our praise team sang a song by the group Selah called Wonderful, Merciful, Savior on Sunday. This has long been one of my favorites from this group. The words have always struck a cord in my heart causing me to stop and reflect on our Lord.

However, this week it hit me different. At one point they sing: You offer hope when we've hopelessly lost our way, Oh we've hopelessly lost our way.

Before upon hearing this portion of the song I have reflected on my own sinful nature and the propencity to stray from God's word. But on this day with a crushing weight in my heart I looked up and out and over our congregation and I began to wonder as a Christian people have we, like Isreal, hopelessly lost our way? Have we forgotten the one True God? Have we allowed social and religious decorum and personal pride to stifle the movement of the spirit? Have we become terrified of what the spirit might do if unleashed in our lives and in our church so much so that we have relegated Him to a hidden corner of our lives. Restricting him to just being a quiet voice of conscience, a small still voice of God's prodding us to the more abundant life? Have we become satisfied with our religion, our church attendance, our service within the church to such a point that we have justified this limitation?

This is not a unique problem but is of widespread epidemic proportions. The alters across America have long been dry of the tears of the people. The rebellion of religion has pacified and lulled the modern Christian into a dangerous state of feeling close to God without a true submission to His will. We have broken the church into denominations, and religious institutions - each clinging staunchly to a few verses and claiming to be the true religion. Yet Christ belonged to no denomination, no religious organization. In fact the first church was that of believers each seeking God's will and all working together toward a common goal and resting on the solid promises and layed out by a Redeeming Savior.

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