Becoming - The Journey of God's Princess

This blog was created for women on the journey of becoming what God created them to be. It is meant to be an encouragement to those who visit. It is filled with the thoughts pondered by a Pastor's wife who is captivated by the love of God and rests daily in His infinate grace. It is filled with devotionals, short stories, poetry and other creative writing and thoughts about my journey to God.

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Word to Mothers

Sacred and special
these gifts from above
Entrusted to us
with ultimate love
Have you considered
to what you've been called?
A mission impossible
if you don't lean on God.
He knew them before
time ever began
And has for each one
a very special plan
Our charge is to train them
in the way they should go
To live out each day
the truth that we know
With grace and love
and constant prayer
we handle these lives
with greatest of care.
So when the tides rise
and doubts prevail
Hold fast to the love
that never will fail
When the enemy whispers
your efforts are in vain
Be still and listen
as the father calls your name
In the midst of this season
we see only the task at hand
Our sight is so limited
to all that God has planned.

Father forgive them

Father Forgive Them
Father forgive them,
They know not what they do
They've turned their backs
on what is true
Father you gave them,
each one to me
So I give myself that
they may go free
Father, you knew them
before time began
And for each one you have
a special plan
Born into sin
captive in its snares
They are burdened and broken
with worries and cares
Father Forgive them
let me pay their price
This the atonement,
this the sacrifice
Father I'll carry it,
all their dark sin
And with my blood
will cleanse each of them
Father this cross,
this instrument of death & pain
Will serve as measure
of eternal gain
Lifted high for all
men to see
Here will I die to rise
on a rugged tree
Father love them
remind them of you
Stir in their hearts
what is true
Whisper their names
across time and space
Usher them in
through your matchless grace
Father forgive them
they've lost their way
All like sheep
have gone astray
Father I'll be the light
in the dark
The mender of the
bitterly broken heart
I will deliver them
out of their sin
And place them into
your loving hand
Father forgive them
see only me
In my death and rising
I bring them to thee

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Lego's and play dough and
beads with strings
Art pencils, markers
and other neat things
Books all lined in
neat little rows
Calenders and checklist
with all of our goals
Desks and pencils
and shelves, and books
notebooks, crayons
and little storage nooks
Chalkboards with chalk,
and whiteboards all hung
Now all that's left is
to get this thing done
So out goes the warning
school's about to get started
You'd think that I'd asked
That the Read Sea be parted
"Oh must we, I'm tired,
It can't really be time"
A wail and some tears,
a collective whine
Dragging and kicking like
slaves to the block
I pull and I plead
keeping eyes on the clock
Prayer and instruction
has finally begun
Given assignments to each
special little one
So why do I do this
when there's another way
Because at the end
I see blessings each day.

Salvation Calls

Still and quiet came the voice
In the dark of night
While I struggled in my heart
to do the things of right
I look around uncertain
this voice had called for me
A woman bound in chains
with eyes that yet could see
Again it came to sweet and clear
Across the still of night
"I am come to set you free
to give you new sight"
Could it be - this sweetest voice
was speaking just to me?
Had he look upon this life
ruined though it be?
Gentle words to filled with peace
I heard him speak my name
And like a breaking deep within
fell open my heart and shame
"Daughter, come and rest in me,"
with such gentleness he spoke.
And finally that last wall
crumbled down and broke.
I called out to him in agony
seeking out his face
And I was consumed by love,
washed by matchless grace
Still and quiet comes his voice
speaking just to me
In times trouble, he reminds me
I've been set free.