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This blog was created for women on the journey of becoming what God created them to be. It is meant to be an encouragement to those who visit. It is filled with the thoughts pondered by a Pastor's wife who is captivated by the love of God and rests daily in His infinate grace. It is filled with devotionals, short stories, poetry and other creative writing and thoughts about my journey to God.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughts on Titus

Titus 2:1-15 Men and women of courage - where are you? The question is not "if I should" it is "How should I". When we have an experience with Christ and grow in the Lord we are to "teach what is good and so train the young women (and men)...." (v.3-4). Our churches whither and our families suffer when we neglect the upkeep of the garden that God has placed before us. The seeds do not sprout into plants if they are not watered, there roots do not go deep if we do not prepare the soil and remove the rocks, they will be over come by the weeds (world) if we do not come along and weed the garden (removing false doctrines, training them in righteousness, edifying and encouraging). (* Also see the Parable of the Seeds) We must be about the Father's work within the local body of believers preparing those God has entrusted us with, all the while working the fields of this world too. For how are those in the church to grow if the workers never help them? The Ethiopian Eunich asked the same "How am I, unless someone teach me?" So Men and Women of the Faith of God - where is your courage to take up the task that God has appointed - are you willing to invest and train this generation?